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A climate-positive life for €0.35 a day


We plant trees for you

Take out more CO2 from the air than you pump into it. That is climate-positive living. We plant trees intelligently with experienced and qualified tree planters. Planting 100 trees a year will eventually absorb all your 10 tons of CO2, which is more than the average European person produces.  We want to do this for 500 million Europeans. Read more about how Nanook removes CO2 from your air.

Low Carbon Lifestyle

Nanook will send you regular tips and ideas to help you towards your “Low Carbon Lifestyle”. Everyday fun, cool products, or just a life hack that you hadn’t thought about yet. We will make it easier and more fun for you!


Nanook’s ambitious goal is to reach all 500 million Europeans by 2030 to help them achieve a climate-positive life. When we all get on board with this, we stand a good chance that we will prevent the worldwide predicted temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celcius.

Introductory offer

Monthly Annual
€ 0.35 per day
€ 0.35 per day

Your historical footprint

From the moment you are born, you produce CO2. Your nappies, the baby milk, and the clothes you wore. With aging, your consumption increased with your footprint. Do you want to know how to delete this historic CO2 footprint?

The tree planters

Collectively, our tree planters have planted more than 800 million trees and have decades of experience. Eden Reforestation Projects has already planted more than 580 million trees and Trees for the Future has been giving farmers a future by helping them cultivate food forests since 1989; they have planted more than 200 million trees.

Nanook is about much more than just trees.

We have carefully selected the tree planters. They plant both indigenous trees and fruit trees. They teach ‘our’ farmers how best to plant and maintain these trees, how to enrich the soil and how to harvest several times a year. This provides employment, a sustainable income and food security for our farmers and their families.

Go Climate-Positive


Want to help?

We have a great team together, but soon we could use some extra help.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that will help Nanook in her mission, please let us know. Also when you want to contribute yourself.
We love to hear from you!

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Frequently ask questions

What do you want to know?

If your question is not listed here, please e-mail us.

Nanook is a team, a way of life, a solution and Eskimo (Inuit) for polar bear. Huh? The polar bear is a well-known symbol for climate disruption, hence the name ;). Nanook offers the possibility to take your CO2 emissions out of the air. We start with trees, later on there will be more possibilities. Besides that Nanook will give you tips and ideas to further reduce your CO2 emissions. Nanook is not something you keep to yourself, Nanook is something you share with your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, because only together we can protect the society as we know it for the next generation.

Because we believe that it should be easy, fun and affordable to make your own significant contribution to the solution to combat global warming. But there is more to it than that.

Why doesn’t everybody live a climate-positive life yet? It is quite affordable as you know by now. Sometime ago this question prompted us to start talking to people. Most people we spoke to had no idea about the size of their carbon footprint, but yet they believed it would have to be terribly expensive to take it out of the air. They were definitely not looking for ways to start doing that. 


If you ask us, this is the most important message: living a climate-positive life is affordable, for almost everyone with a decent footprint. That is Nanook’s mission, to make sure as many people as possible know about this. And at the same time, make it interesting, attractive and simple enough so many people can join.

Because there is too much carbon in the air. That causes temperatures to rise. So it’s important that we get more carbon out of the air than we put in. We can and should make more conscious choices when buying things, but it is almost impossible to live a life without causing any carbon emissions. That is why it is important to take your emissions out of the air right, and better still, take more out than you cause.

Probably (much) bigger than is healthy for the earth. The carbon footprint of an average Dutch person is around 9 tonnes of carbon per year. See what the footprint is per citizen, per country: We are currently working on a carbon calculator. You can then calculate what your footprint is and adjust your contribution accordingly.

Yes, we have have that illusion :-). We know we can make an important contribution. In fact, YOU can make an important contribution. If everyone does his or her bit, we can tackle this problem together. In order to reverse global warming, it is essential that as many people as possible take part. And you can help.

Nanook is on its way to operate climate-positive from day one! That does not mean we don’t cause any carbon emissions at all, but it does mean that we are absorbing all of our emissions with trees. It is a learning experience for Nanook as it is for you. We continue to strive for more efficient energy consumption, are all our team members using solar panels yet? We are working digitally as much as we can, our website is hosted climate-neutral. But it doesn’t stop there of course. Nanook wants to become a so-called B-corp. This is a certified social enterprise. We have even started the preparations for this. It keeps us sharp.

Nanook is keeping a thorough administration of all the trees that have been planted and need to be planted. This is visible for everyone. Check out our online administration if you like. You can see exactly which organizations we plant trees with and how many. These organizations in turn will also account for where and how many trees they plant. Eden Reforestation Projects has engaged with an external, independent party (Preferred by Nature) to verify certain projects even further. COVID has caused the implementation to be delayed, but as soon as this can be offered, we’ll use it. Trees for the Future responded enthusiastically when we introduced them to Preferred by Nature. We expect them to also have their trees verified by an external party.

There is no easy answer to that one. Of course, it depends on the type of tree, where it is planted and over what period of time. But we can make it simple. To do this, we work with averages. Most initiatives that plant trees count with an average carbon storage of 200 Kg over a period of 20 years. Nanook wants to be (much) more conservative in this respect and calculates with only half, so 100 Kg per tree. Advice from our experts has been that a period of 14 years on average is reasonable.

Forest fires, droughts, landslides – these can all have a negative impact on the number of trees that ultimately survive. On average, our tree planters take into account a survival rate of about 85%. Additional trees are planted in advance to compensate for this. This ensures that the number of trees you have planted will still be there in 20 years’ time

We are collecting beautiful, useful, special and also everyday products and services that all contribute to a better climate. If you have suggestions, mail them to us! We will share with you on a regular basis. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make better choices for our planet.

No. A foundation is limited in the allocation of its resources. We believe that an important part of the revenue should be used to reach as many people as possible, only then we make a significant impact on the climate problem. Nanook is therefore a Dutch BV (equivalent to a Ltd or GmbH) that publishes its figures annually. We will also publish these on the website so you can see how we spend our funds.

The articles of association stipulate that the majority of any dividends paid out in the future must be spent on the objective of removing or preventing carbon from the air. It is also not inconceivable that Nanook will invest in sustainable solutions in the future that will achieve results even faster.

That’s true. But why is it that only so few people actually live a climate-positive life? Nanook wants to make this fun, attractive and super easy. When it is fun to do something, it should be fun to share this with your friends. This is one of the most important aspects, to make Nanook so much fun and attractive that you would like to share Nanook with your friends, family and colleagues. Only when we collectively decide to take our own carbon out of the air, can we fix our climate problem. 

Of each euro, approximately a quarter is directly spent on planting trees to take your carbon emissions out of the air. Another quarter will be reserved for the extra trees we will plant for you when you invite new friends. Another quarter is reserved for even more trees that we will plant for your online activities. This is not yet active at this time. You will soon be able to earn extra trees for your likes, shares and comments. Should you choose not to plant extra trees this way, then  those euro’s will be used to supplement our regular marketing activities to get our message in front of as many people as possible. This is how we want to spend a large part of our marketing euro’s, to create more impact. We will then have about a quarter left over for administration, salaries and other (marketing) costs.

By telling as many friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues as possible about Nanook and by inviting them to join as well! But also read our newsletters, make more conscious choices in the products you buy. Nanook is going to help you with that! 

Awesome! Suppose you actually did it and you don’t emit any carbon any more. This means you live a climate-neutral life. Hooray! But what about your historical footprint? And would you want to increase your impact by offering other people the opportunity to start dealing with their carbon footprint? That’s where joining Nanook can make a big difference.

Yes you can. The initial planting costs will be lower when you plant directly with our treeplanting partners. We will certainly not stop you from doing that 😉 Then why absorb your carbon emissions through Nanook and pay more? We believe we have good reasons for that. An important part of your contribution is used to generate much more awareness. We’ll start making some significant impact when Nanook is able to reach millions of people thanks to your efforts and contribution. Together we’ll be able to seriously impact carbon concentration in  the atmosphere and that is why we started Nanook. In addition to all this, you will receive our regular newsletter with interesting, useful and cool products and services which are good for the planet. This is how you lower your carbon emissions, step by step, which is even more important then absorbing your emissions. Your efforts to spread the word of Nanook to family and friends is rewarded with extra trees for you. So is online engagement (once this has been activated), to share, like and comment on our stories. All of this is included in the €0.35 per day we told you about. Together we can reach as many people as possible.

What's up with the polar bear?

NANOOK is the Inuit word for polar bear ( The Inuit live in the Canadian polar region. The polar bear has become known as an international symbol of climate disruption as global warming continues to reduce the bear’s habitat.

The polar bear family with its cubs symbolises our concern for the next generation. We have only been given the earth on loan from our children. It is our responsibility to take care of it.

What do you think about the name Nanook? Please let us know!

We would like to hear from you!

If you have anything to share with us, or have any questions, please let us know using this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!