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Climate-positive living now affordable for all

Taking all your CO2 emissions out of the air for a year.
What do you think this costs? Hint: much less than you think!


Climate positive from € 0,35 a day

Did you know that most people do not know what their personal CO2 emissions are? And did you know that the people we asked estimate on average that it costs more than €5,000 to remove these emissions from the air?

This can be done for €0.35 per day. How is it possible that this is so cheap? And why doesn’t everyone do it?

Anyway, the perception is that removing CO2 from the air ‘must be very expensive’. That is not the case. There are many ways to prevent or remove CO2 from the air. A cost-efficient way is, for example, to plant trees.
Nanook does this with partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers there are already suffering from the consequences of temperature increases. That is exactly where we want to help farmers cultivate food forests. They are offered seeds of nut and fruit trees, among others, and receive guidance for a number of years. Our’ farmers plant the trees, maintain the land for their own use and receive an income and food security in return. And the same trees also provide CO2 storage.

The €0.35 is currently still an average. Soon, you will be able to calculate your own CO2 footprint using a CO2 calculator. You will then be able to adjust your annual contribution accordingly.

When you start living climate-positive with Nanook, you will regularly receive tips and ideas on how you can further reduce your CO2 emissions. Think of everyday or fun products or a cleverness that you haven’t thought of before. We are going to make it easy and fun for you!

Together with you Nanook wants to make 500 million Europeans climate positive by 2030. Will you join us?

Live your life


Be quick about it

Nanook is new and ambitious. It has to be, because time is pressing when it comes to climate change. If you decide to become climate-positive now, you can make use of our starter’s discount. This discount is limited, so … be quick!

Your contribution will be used directly to plant trees and in addition you will contribute to the further development of the website. We then make it even more attractive and fun to participate.

On your own profile page, you can see how much CO2 you remove from the air and we will soon expand that with all kinds of extra information. How many of your friends are already participating, how many trees you have planted and much more.

Stay tuned for updates and more information!

25% discount
€ 90,-
1 year climate positive
Plant 100 Trees
valid until 31 August 2021
50% discount
€ 120,-
2-year climate positive
Plant 200 trees
valid until 31 August 2021

Your historical footprint

When you join Nanook, you are entering a climate-positive future. But what about the past? Since your birth, you have been contributing to accelerated climate change through your CO2 emissions.

Don’t we all want to leave the earth behind in a better state than we found it at birth? This can be done by removing your historical CO2 emissions from the air, step by step. But how do you do that?
Nanook offers you the possibility to plant extra trees for free.

After your registration you will receive a personal link. When you share this with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances:
Nanook will plant 10 extra trees for you for every new participant.

There are 10 extra trees per person waiting for your friends when they use your personal link.

For every 10 new participants you take an extra year of CO2 emissions out of the air. You can then calculate yourself how many people you should invite to tackle your historical CO2 emissions.



The tree planters

Together, our tree planters have planted more than 700 million trees and have decades of experience. LifeTerra is working to plant 1 tree for every European citizen. 500 million trees by 2025. Eden Reforestation Projects has already planted more than 580 million trees and Trees for the Future has been giving farmers a future by helping them cultivate food forests since 1989; they have planted more than 200 million trees.

Nanook is about much more than just trees.
We have carefully selected the tree planters. They plant both indigenous trees and fruit trees. They teach ‘our’ farmers how best to plant and maintain these trees, how to enrich the soil and how to harvest several times a year. This provides employment, a sustainable income and food security for the farmers and their families.

Be part of the change
and live a climate positive life


The Team

Thanks to this passionate team, Nanook can now offer everyone the opportunity to start living a climate-positive life.


Want to help?

We have a great team together, but soon we could use some extra help.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that will help Nanook in her mission, please let us know. Also when you want to contribute yourself.
We love to hear from you!

I would like to share Nanook with companies. For their employees or customers.
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I have time, what can I do?
Frequently ask questions

What do you want to know?

If your question is not listed here, please e-mail us.

Because we believe that it should be easy, fun and affordable to make your own significant contribution to the solution to combat global warming. But there is more to it than that.

Because there is too much CO2 in the air. That causes temperatures to rise. So it’s important that we get more CO2 out of the air than we put in. We can and should make more conscious choices when buying things, but it is almost impossible to live a life without causing any CO2 emissions. That is why it is important to take your emissions out of the air right now, and better still, take some more out than you cause.

Probably (much) bigger than is healthy for the earth. The CO2 footprint of an average Dutch person is around 9.5 tonnes of CO2 per year. See what the footprint is per citizen, per country: We are currently working on a CO2 calculator. You can then calculate what your footprint is and adjust your contribution accordingly.

No, we should not have that illusion. But … we can make an important contribution. In fact, YOU can make an important contribution. If everyone does his or her bit, we can tackle this problem together. In order to reverse global warming, it is essential that as many people as possible take part. And you can help.

Nanook is keeping a thorough administration of all the trees that have been planted and need to be planted. We will also publish this so you can see exactly which organizations we plant trees for and how many. These organizations in turn will also account for where and how many trees they plant.

There is no easy answer. Of course, it depends on the type of tree, where it is planted and over what period of time. But we can make it simple. To do this, we work with averages. Most initiatives that plant trees count on an average CO2 storage of 200 Kg over a period of 20 years. Nanook wants to be (much) more conservative in this respect and calculates with only half, so 100 Kg per tree. We have not yet been able to make a good calculation of the period in which this happens, but we think that a period of 14 years on average is reasonable.

Forest fires, droughts, landslides – these can all have a negative impact on the number of trees that ultimately survive. On average, our tree planters take into account a survival rate of about 85%. Additional trees are planted in advance to compensate for this. This ensures that the number of trees you have planted will still be there in 10 years’ time

We are collecting beautiful, useful, special and also everyday products and services that all contribute to a better climate. If you have suggestions, mail them to us! We will share these products with you on a regular basis. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make better choices for our planet.

Uh, no. A foundation is limited in the spending of its resources. We believe that an important part of the income should be used to reach as many people as possible, only then we make a significant impact on the climate problem. Nanook is therefore a BV that publishes its figures annually. We will also publish these on the website so you can see how we spend our funds.

The articles of association stipulate that the majority of any dividends paid out in the future must be spent on the objective of removing or preventing CO2 from the air. It is also not inconceivable that Nanook will invest in sustainable solutions in the future that will achieve results even faster.

Of each euro, approximately a quarter is directly spent on planting trees to take your CO2 emissions out of the air. Another quarter will be reserved for the extra trees we will plant for you when you invite new friends. Another quarter is reserved for even more trees that we will plant for your online activities. This is not yet active at this time. You will soon be able to earn extra trees for your likes, shares and comments. This is how we want to spend a large part of our marketing dollars, on more impact. We will then have about a quarter left over for administration, salaries and other marketing costs.

By telling as many friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues as possible about Nanook and by inviting them to join as well!

What's up with the polar bear?

NANOOK is the Inuit word for polar bear. The Inuit live in the Canadian polar region. The polar bear has become known as an international symbol of climate disruption as global warming continues to reduce the bear’s habitat.

The polar bear family with its cubs symbolises our concern for the next generation. We have only been given the earth on loan from our children. It is our responsibility to take care of it.

What do you think about the name Nanook? Please let us know!

We would like to hear from you!

If you have anything to share with us, or have any questions, please let us know using this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!