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Living a Climate Positive Life is Affordable for All

sign up and we will plant 10 trees for you

What does nanook do?

We plant trees

We have partnered with NGO’s who have decades of experience. Each organization has its unique approach. LifeTerra will plant 1 tree for every Nanook member, every year, in Europe. Eden Reforestation Projects offers sustainable jobs to people in low income countries to become expert tree planters. Trees for the Future trains farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to cultivate their own food forest. These partners have planted well over 700 million trees already.

More than trees 

We want to look beyond planting trees as well. There are many ways to capture or prevent carbon emissions. Trees are patient and reliable. But they take time to grow, and time is a luxury we don’t have anymore. So, as more and more people join Nanook, we will also accelerate our carbon capturing and prevention efforts and we’ll tell you all about it!


Did you know there is climate neutral milk from Arla on the shelves in your supermarket? And even climate positive eggs from Kipster? That you can wear circular jeans from Mud Jeans? Making low-emission choices is absolutely easy if you know what to look for. Nanook is going to help you find the right, every day products. Soon you will be on your way to a low-emission-lifestyle. We'll show you it is easy and fun.

About us

We are Nanook, we live climate-positive lives. We were brought together by a dream that everyone on this planet of ours can live a climate-positive life and be part of the solution to preserve our home for future generations.

Living a climate-positive life means that we take out more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in.

We are people just like you. We are not perfect. We can’t claim that everything we consume is harmless to the planet, but we want to make a change and we want to invite you to do the same.

For us it all starts with absorbing all the carbon we emit (plus a little extra). The next step is to reduce our emissions by making better, smarter every day choices in the things we do, we buy, we use. We admit this isn’t easy, but ideas and suggestions help us make those better choices. Step by step we grow towards a low-emission lifestyle.

We wish for all global citizens to become climate-positive, but we want to start with all Europeans to join this solution which, once successful, will have global impact.

Is it expensive to absorb all your carbon emissions? Contrary to what most people think, not at all. For just €0,35 per day (on average) you can become climate-positive already.

Nanook starts with a well known and proven technology which as proven its effectiveness for over 400 million years already … trees

Let us plant the first 10 trees for you as a start of your own personal forest. All we need is your name and email address.

Soon your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues will all have planted their own forests. Soon we will all be climate-positive.

Join Nanook today.

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Sure thing! Just leave your name and email address.


We will plant 10 trees for you right away and we will keep you informed as Nanook gets closer to Launch!


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